6 months, all he took to become a pro from an amateur painter.

Persistence. It is all that matters.

Andrew Price is a 27-year-old entrepreneur, owner of a design company called Blender Guru in Brisbane, Australia.Price made his passion for art a priority and made himself illustrate drawings for two hours a day for six months. Andrew took to social media to inspire people around the globe to get out of their comfort zone and do something challenging  to find oneself or just to unleash the hidden potential in oneself by displaying his work.

Let’s scroll !

# Step 1

First creation, not so good but everyone has to start to reach somewhere. We have to start to reach the destination.

bumpi rides
step 1

# I am on it.

Wait, it just the beginning. Creations get better and better hereafter.

I am on it.
I am on it.

# The birth of “new” Andrew, the artist.

A different flavour to creation by Andrew.

Story Board.
Story Board.

# When you look far and far.

As he advances in his endeavour we can clearly see the fineness of his sketches.

Different Flavour
Different Flavour

# And the dancer.


The dancer
The dancer

# Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy: Mad Max
Tom Hardy: Mad Max

# Why So Serious?

While posting this pic he even gives a pro tip,” If you need create a likeness, choose a character with lots of scarring and unique facepaint to hide your flaws :P”

do you need caption for this?
do you need caption for this?


# From the ages I live.

Human Anatomy is difficult to sketch, well all we can say now is he is progressing.


# Digital Art


# Beauty, woman & art.


# First to Last, you won our heart.

Okay, I will learn to write better but for know, he has truly won our heart by his work.
This painting is what he wanted to sketch in the beginning but it took him 6 months.
With his story, all we can say is that persistence matters.