Does shaving bring Thick and dense hair ? Biggest Body myth busted !!!

Review your thoughts with what researchers has said.

You may have seen or always believed the fact that once you shave your hair and then next patches are thicker and denser or change their rate of growth. Many of the people often believing this fact always keep away from shaving or waxing new areas. Human curiosity has always surrounded this topic of to shave or not to shave. Even many believing their observances on someone bear the torch for this myth. Let us see what actually happens.

The interesting fact is yes after shave, hair may appear thicker but scientist say that reason is the removal of thin top hair brings in a blunt tip.

The hairs near the roots are thicker and after shaving, they appear on the surface hence making them appear thick but they aren’t thicker neither they grow dense.

image source: Getty images

Next things come as the rate of growth of hair. Again, this myth is also false as no scientific experiments have confirmed this fact. Instead, all the experiments consolidated the fact that rate of growth has only to do with genes and hormones.

So, the conclusion is “Shaving or waxing don’t grow back thick hairs, neither they are dense nor the rate is determined by this external factors.”

You can read the whole findings here .

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