Drone Racing have serious potential to swipe many sports.

IT bubble gonna blast, this is experience age.

Last few decades the remote sensing video games have moved a lot of gamers and with the rise of Virtual Reality Gaming the gaming seemed huge. But now Drone Racing will sweep you off your feet.

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With the new Drone RacingLeage making people go crazy and after a huge money put into this sports it seems like we can expect something very big boom soon. With Drones zooming on platforms and amazing first person experience of drone rides this sport seem fascinating. Pilots race their quadcopters around a variety of courses, moving at speeds up to 80mph and the arena built for this racing are huge and cool.

Venture capitalists invested $450 million in 74 drone deals last year, a four-fold jump compared with $111 million in 2014, according to CB Insights of New York. With the high amount of time and money put in drones, the winning amount of this racing is touching whopping $1 Million. With the announcement that Super Bowl of Drone Racing will offer $1 Million in Prize Money this game seems large now. Have a look at how amazing this race is

Wonderful arena and fast drones make the sports fascinating and yes, with this growth this sport will soon make a mark in world sports because experiencing era is again coming back now.