Game changing innovation of recent times.

Microsoft Hololens

After watching Iron Man you must have felt that if I could have also designed something like that in 3D virtual reality, now you can do it too. Yes, Microsoft has introduced Hololens, which gives you power to design, communicate, ideate, modify the way you have only seen in sci-fi movies. After losing mobile market to Goolge, Microsoft have shown meteoric rise in product development with this product. Hololens is available on .

The hoverboard scooter

The scooter you saw in “Tukur Tukur” Song of Dilwale is available for you, one of the coolest gadget you can flaunt with.

A new way to commute. Available on Amazon and Flipkart.


Bionic Ears

Gandhiji has told bura mat suna, bura mat bolo, bura mat dekho (Do not listen, see, and speak foul.), well nowadays we cannot control our tounge and eyes but with this bionic ears you can certainly control the ear deafening volume around you. As claimed by New york based Doppler Labs you can connect this bionic ears with your mobile and can adjust the sound falling on your ears. The product is available here. Just see the interview of  co-founder of Doppler Labs to Tech Crunch.


Transparent Trucks

Never heard something like that? Samsung has brought a very innovative and simple solution to narrow down the possibilities of road accident. Due to jumbo size of trucks there were many cases of road accident. To solve this samsung has mounted a camera in front of truck which gives live video streaming on the big LED’s mounted on the back of trucks, so that cars coming from behind have a clear vision, helps you to change lanes easily. Insanely simple. Yes it is, have a look.

Apple Pencil:

After doing away with the stylus initially, it seems Apple Inc. has admitted the usability, applicability and ease. Apple has finally launched stylus in new avatar and given a new name to it, Pencil. With more functionality than stylus, you can sketch, paint just like you do on a drawing sheet. Press it hard you will get darker shade of chosen color, isn’t it cool. It works beautifully with iPad Pro.