Girliyapa is back, and now with a flavor of social message.

The message is hard hitting and acting is superb as always.

Watch it at your own risk, the message may again hurt your sentiments.

The title of the video itself will give you a hint about the content, “How I raped your mother.“. But wait there is much in it before you conclude. The content they have brought on the table, this time, is with the social message of how rapes have become a normal thing like a road rage, in our society and the marital rapes is a term which does not exist at all in Indian society, seems totally alien from an Indian family.
The thoughts have been captured beautifully and served with the flavour of comedy and of course like every time this gang of girls have come up with a nice creation.

As Girliyapa says, and we too agree, “In times of trouble, there’s nothing that cannot be solved by an Indian family. ”

I feel we have moved towards the era of web series and you can definitely say bye-bye to those Saas Bahu serials.

Just like you have loved their previous video, this time too you guys will enjoy it.

Have a look.

Watch their previous video also if you have missed it.

Photo courtesy : youtube.