Tattoos and what makes them permanent?

The stars have made it look cooler than ever to have tattoos but do they go away?

Virat Kohli has two tattoos on his right arm – His zodiac sign of ‘Scorpio’ and the Chinese symbol of faith and Kohli’s left shoulder is his favourite tattoo – a Japanese Samurai warrior with a raised sword. And Messi has got a lot more tattoos than can be explained in short space.
Tattoos are fascinating and this day they have become a sign of glamour in the world. First, the tattoo was known to have existed in 6000 B.C . But curiosity may have pushed you to think why don’t they vanish with age or as our body naturally shed our skin with a rate of around 1 million cells per day, why don’t they die?

Here is another amazing video by Ted-Ed that will explain to you what makes tattoos permanent and the story of how it evolved biologically in the most simplified manner possible.

This amazing video will definitely leave you awestruck and yes even the science behind the possibilities of removal of this tattoos is interestingly shown here.

So, the next time you wish to flaunt like Messi or Kohli does, then better know this beautiful science behind the tattoos and yes Virat Kohli wishes to get them removed so as a fact KNOW THYSELF, as what suits other may not suit you.lionel-messi-fc-barcelona-2015-2016



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