Where did Einstein’s Brain go ?

After being stolen from Princeton hospital Einstein's brain had a curious journey

An interesting incident took place in 1955 after the death of the great scientist Albert Einstein. His brain went missing from the dead body. After his death at Princeton Hospital, the Pathologist Dr Thomas Harvey took out Einstein’s brain after conducting the autopsy. Although Dr Harvey was a pathologist, not a neurologist but he promised to let parts of his brain for research and scientific studies.

Source: Getty images. Thomas harvey holding Einstein's Sliced brain parts.
Source: Getty images.
Thomas Harvey holding Einstein’s Sliced brain parts.

After getting Einstein’s brain in 1955, no significant finding came out. Until 1985 Diamond’s research paper revealed that there exist a number of Glial cells than in usual.

Many studies thereafter went by, indicating some unusual characteristics in the Einstein’s brain.

Dr Harvey had a long possession of Einstein’s brain and it was apparently stolen until Einstein’s son Alan gave him permission to keep it for scientific studies. In 2010, Harvey’s heir gave all his belongings to National Museum of Health and Medicine, which included 14 whole brain’s photograph.


Source: .livescience.com
Source: .livescience.com


In 2013, 46 small portions of Einstein’s brain given to Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. The Brain of genius still exist in this world can be seen on your wish.

So, the stolen brain is back on the place.

But the saga of taking out the brain is not new, almost a hundred year ago German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss brain was let out for studies.

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