Why Classic Bikes are in trend Again ?

Increasing Number of Classic bikes on road have some good reasons.

You may have seen a number of classic bikes on the road these days but have you wondered why this is happening? With an increase in trend of vintage bikes there lies some solid reasons why they are worth. It’s been seen the fascination towards classic things whether frames or ports but a machine is just a better deal. Here is why classics are on a roll.

  1. High Comfort:

    When it comes to long ride you can’t rely on a sports bike. a classic bike is far more comfortable for the long runs and doesn’t strain your back. The sitting posture for this bikes apt for riders.

    Source: Youtube.com
    Source: Youtube.com


  2. Low Maintainance:

    These vintage bikes need lesser maintenance and hence this goes a long time. The material and parts for these bikes are so perfect.

    Source: ifixit.com
    Source: ifixit.com 


  3. Tough Body:

    Although costly but these bikes are quite a solid frame and firm build. These bikes don’t get easily damaged or need frequent brush ups.harley-davidson-869070_1280

  4. Powerful Engine:

    These bikes come with strong and powerful engine capacity. Getting high speed within seconds go handy with these bikes.harley-davidson-459594_1280

  5. Appeal:

    With unmatched sound and a wonderful look vintage bikes have an appeal that compels people to go for it even after high prices.harley-716352_1280

Classic bikes are although heavy built and can trouble you in heavy traffic still the charm is unparallel and you won’t regret buying vintage bikes. Research says vintage bikes are retained 48% of the times and yes pros are more than cons.

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